Craniosacral Therapy• With a light touch that does not exceed a weight of 5 grams, the experienced therapist can monitor the Craniosacral rhythm in some places – the body helps to highlight the area that is malfunctioning and then with special gently attention together we can restore normal function. Thus helping the body to “auto repair” by this treatment and be successful where other therapeutic efforts have failed.

• The Craniosacral rhythm is the peculiarity of the pause intervals during which the body goes into a self-healing state. During a Craniosacral session this happens we call emotional release. These techniques applied to the body enables it to go into a deep kinetic process, during which emotional trauma and the energy that is trapped inside the area where the therapist works is released.

• With a soft touch, and through therapeutic dialogue that occurs only when the Craniosacral rhythm is paused, the client understands the behavioral mechanisms learns when first activated and memorized in his subconscious.

• Only through the feel of the individual and the communication, it reveals the real need of the body, at every moment.

• Through the Craniosacral Therapy, the client recognizes and trusts our inner self, as an ally and mentor in life’s journey.



Krishnamurti said, “To understand yourself and what is true, you must have a very clear and precise mind, not a mind feeble, but a mind capable of looking without any distortion, a mind innocent and vulnerable, only such a mind can see what is true. Nor the mind stuffed with knowledge may be understood what is true, only a mind that is fully capable of learning, can do this. Learning is not the accumulation of knowledge, learning is a move from moment to moment. “

This movement is the same journey of life and the truth that comes from our soul. How do you understand? Currently you not understand, but you feel. And this “feel” is reflected in our body!
Our body is the map, which reflects all our experiences, from the time of our very first body consciousness in this life. They are all fingerprinted in our body memory cells. Knowledge of healthy and balanced life is stored in our body and waiting for the right moment to reappear and to remind us of the reason for its existence.

Craniosacral Therapy