Listen To Your Body 1

Workshop 3-4 Oct

Listen To Your Body

We all have notions as to who we are; or at least who we’d like to be. Are we close to this ideal self, or are we battling obstacles?
Each of us has a Sage in them, waiting to give us not only instructions, but also the tools necessary to return us to our healthy, natural condition. Since our Body contains all the data about who we are and what we are made of, it also knows what we need at each given moment to be well.
When love and lightness of touch becomes the basis of one’s relationship with oneself, obstacles are minimized.
We are accustomed to caring for our Body only externally (beauty products, exercise etc.). Might we also “see” our Body from the inside? Listen to what it yearns for, instead of guessing what it needs?
Our Body has no voice; its way of communicating with us is feeling. Each human has their own truth and we owe it to ourselves to come into contact with ours. It is how we understand what truly pleases or disturbs us.
Our aim, in this experiential workshop is to decode our Body’s voice. To come closer to our own truth.


Listen To Υour Body is designed to bring us into contact with our Body in a new way, through soft play and meditation, so we may understand who we are and what our needs might be at this moment. This is how we converse with our authentic self, starting a relationship which simultaneously points to a positive life viewpoint and understanding.
Our Body is the sole data collector; the only entity who can tell us what we need, in order to be well, healthy, joyful and balanced.
Listen To Your Body 2
Listen to your Body – Schedule

The 2-day workshop schedule is as follows:

11:00-13:00 Morning Session

13:00 Light Lunch

14:00-16:00 Afternoon Session

Day 1
1. We start the day with a relaxing and delicate contact with our Body. A short meditation, in order to let go of what is preoccupying us for a while and give our Body the space and time in which to exist. This journey’s aim is to feel our Body through the eyes of our internal observer and get a first snapshot of how it is right now.
2. Introduction to Listen To Your Body. We all introduce ourselves and talk a little about what our relationship with our Body is – or what we think it is; the points on which our relationship is in harmony and those in which it is unbalanced.
3. In order to get closer to our Body, we “play” a game which will help us understand ourselves and our needs. We close our eyes, and play this game of consciousness and truth.
4. We close the first part of our workshop with a meditation in order to mine our Body for information, about how it feels, and how we feel about the different sensations or emotions which surface. An internal data-collecting voyage about where my Body is after what I have learned, heard or realised about it and our relationship.
We break for an hour for a very light lunch which will allow us to continue work for the rest of the day without distractions.
5. We begin the afternoon session with a gentle game which will give us information, using the whole body as a sensory organ, not only about us but about the other people with whom we come in physical contact. A game which will give us a chance to concentrate on and understand how we “listen” to others, and, by extension, to ourselves and our own Body.
6. We discuss what it means to listen. Really listen, without knowing, without hypothesising, without being afraid. This is followed by the day’s last meditation, so that we may listen – possibly for the first time, really listen -to our Body, let it express itself without fear or reservation, but also with love and inner peace and establish the basis of our new relationship.
7. We finish the day with a session of sharing with the group how we have felt during the workshop.
Day 2
We call this workshop “New Person” because we will work in collaboration with our Body to come into contact with that part of ourselves which is always young, full of life and appetite, the part of us which is thirsty to live each ordinary day, finds knowing new things joyful and turns events into experiences.
1. We start the day again by making relaxing and gentle contact with our Body, so that we may once again come close to it and open up real channels of communication. This journey’s aim is to get to know our Body better, through the eyes of our internal observer.
2. Play and feel. A game designed to comprehend what we get out of life itself, compared to what we could be getting. A game which will indicate what worries us, stops us, what we want and how we claim it.
3. What follows is a meditation with the goal of tuning ourselves into the quality of our own authenticity, different for each. Communicating either again, or for the first time with this “New Person” inside of us and get the information he or she wants to share.
One hour break, as in Day 1.
4. We are now ready to allow our Body to create a game full of unconstrained imagination, hand-in-hand with our true self. Step by step we will sketch out and remember our authentic self and have a conversation; get to know it better.
5. In this, the workshop’s last meditation, we are ready to come into contact with our true self, in a call full of honesty and softness.
6. We finish the day with a session of sharing with the group how we have felt during the workshop.
Marina AngeletakiDimitris GeorgoulasThe workshop will be given by Marina Angeletaki and Dimitris Georgoulas, both CranioSacral therapists who work individuals and groups, sharing their experience and love.

Location: Tao’s Center, Paros island. More about Tao’s center.

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Tel: +30 697 4810419

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