Worth the Try because…


• Improves the quality of life.
• Eliminated are the negative effects of stress.
• Promotes muscle relaxation.
• Relieve physical and emotional pain.
• Strengthen your resistance to diseases.
• Lifting morale and enhance patient confidence.
• Improves bodily range of motion.
• Through innovative technical “Somato Emotional Release”, this helps clear the mind and body to get rid of residual effects of a trauma or emotional experiences.
• Improves nervous, vascular, musculoskeletal and respiratory systems.
• It is ideal approach to fertility issues, respiratory disorders, affective disorders, problems or injuries of the spinal column, and autoimmune diseases.
• This applies to all people, from newborns up to old age.
• It is the total health aid.

Contributes to the elimination of many disorders such as:

Fatigue syndrome
Traumatic brain injury
Athletic injuries
Paraplegia – Quadriplegia
Traumatic brain injury
Orthopedic and Rheumatic Disease
Post operative Recovery
Cardiorespiratory Diseases
Gynecological Diseases
Surgery or injury to the spine
Back pain, sciatica, intervertebral disc herniation
Rheumatoid arthritis
Cervical syndrome
Sensory disturbances (loss of taste, smell, ringing ears, etc.)
Vertigo, migraines, headaches
Problems of the Temporomandibular joint. The Jaw hinge stress.
Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease
Chronic pain troubles.
Depression and emotional disorders
Hormonal disorders

The technique is applied with soft touch makes it wonderfully therapeutic approach for infants, newborns or children with traumatic injuries, learning disabilities, hyperactivity, etc.

Craniosacral Therapy