The Craniosacral Therapy


• Through a mild and gentle touch, 2 to 5gr, applied by a properly trained therapist. Mainly to the skull, face, spine or sacrum, the Traveler begins their journey of healing. This is in order to assess and enhance the Craniosacral system and functionality. Thus improving the behavior of the Craniosacral system and enhance the functionality of the brain.

• Craniosacral Therapy historically started at the beginning of last century in America and was a discovery by Osteopath, Dr. William Sutherland.

• In 1970, during a surgical procedure on the neck, the then assistant surgeon, Dr. John Upledger, observed the rhythmic movements of what is now recognized as Craniosacral system. Trying to explain the existence of this unknown movement, he began an investigation that led to the theory that was formulated in 1900 by Dr. William Sutherland, the father of Cranial Osteopathy. His theory stated that the bones of the skull are made to allow a slight movement and for decades this theory was on the sidelines of the medical community of scientists. Later, due to Dr. Upledger, a clinical researcher, and professor at Michigan State University who believed in this theory, as it could explain his own remark. He then sought the scientific documentation proving the movement of cranial bones. Finally from 1975 to 1983, Dr. Upledger with a group of scientists not only confirmed the theory of Dr. Sutherland, but they were able to determine the mechanism behind this movement; that being, the existence of the Craniosacral system.

• In Craniosacral therapy a gentle and respectful touch to the body of the Traveler, makes him feel secure on his journey to healing.

• The Traveler comes in touch with his body and begins a communication.

• During a CranioSacral session this happens we call (Somato Emotional Release). The Somato Emotional Release helps the mind and body to understand and erase the memory of a trauma.

• Through therapeutic dialogue, the Traveler identifies what it is that created the chronic pain, illness or stress.

• Through Craniosacral Therapy we learn to trust the wisdom of the Body.

• CranioSacral Therapy shows us that a gentle respectful touch, through a trained therapist, is enough to bring each of us closer to the our truth. Thus activating the process of healing.